Sandra has been a part of the drycleaning industry since October of 1982 when she started as a customer service rep. Within a year she took on the drycleaner’s spotter position and from there helped manage the operation until it was sold. Sandra later found it necessary to develop her own consulting practice and has been providing expert assistance to plant owners since 2000.

Raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Sandra currently resides in Mt Pleasant where she provides a support system for a number of clients across the United States.

Sandra “learned the hard way” through direct experience with every-day plant operations, providing her with more hands-on experience than most consultants in her field. She strives to provide down-to-earth assistance and training to startups and established operations alike.

One of Sandra’s specialties is diagnosing equipment and getting it back up and running to factory standards. Often she has found that cleaning problems can be traced back to equipment malfunction or misconfiguration. Sandra can diagnose the problem, find a solution and make sure it is applied correctly; saving the plant owner time and money.

Sandra is a DLI member and well respected by top industry vendors for her unique approach to in-plant training and consulting.

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Sandra “learned the hard way” through direct experience with every-day plant operations

Sandra on location at a drycleaning plant

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