Helping drycleaners streamline operations, train employees and focus on success. All in a day’s work.

No matter the size of your operation, there are always ways to improve quality and production flow. Sandra provides invaluable help when it comes to fine tuning, solving problems and providing on-going training for your staff.

I was referred to Sandra by various respected industry professionals.  As our company moved forward with a very large (and very expensive) renovation project (which included new equipment and systems), we knew we needed help with training and overall workflow in order to maximize our investment and increase efficiency.

After a full year of working with Sandra, we are still in awe of her knowledge and insight.  Sandra has played a key role in all aspects of our training – sorting and cleaning garments, finishing and assembly, and proper equipment use and maintenance.  Her ability to relate to our staff makes it easier for them to ask questions and learn – they even look forward to her visits!

Sandra helped us create the perfect workflow at our plant, which generated a 69% reduction in our drycleaning labor (with staffing volume and remaining consistent).  With her guidance and expertise, Sandra helped myself, my management team, and my staff develop positive work habits, as well as achieve individual and team goals.

As someone who is considered new to the industry, I have learned so much from Sandra and value her experience, honesty, and commitment to us.  I look forward to working with her as I continue to grow as a hands-on owner and implement new goals for myself and our staff.

John Gribble, Owner

Classic Drycleaners and Laundromats

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