Vick’s Cleaners, Kinston, N.C.

I met Sandra several years ago at a Clean Show in Orlando.  After going to dinner with several friends and Sandra, I dont think I ever thought about having her come and service our plant.  To be honest, I dont even know if she did consulting work then. 🙂

A year or two later, it was time to get some on site training.  I can’t recall how I heard about Sandra, but we had her come in and do some in-plant training. Sandra helped us out tremendously!  She gave us suggestions on production, wetcleaning, dry cleaning, spotting, pressing, etc… you name it!  We also get points from DLI towards the Award of Excellence with her training. I think that our business, the oldest cleaners in N.C., since 1899, has truly benefited from having Sandra!

Every now and then i can all her up and say “hey” this is what i’ve got.  She always helps coach me through problems i may have.  Occasionaly i can send her a picture through my cell phone of certain things and she helps me with no problem.  No matter what questions i may have shes always available to help Vick’s Cleaners. With having Sandra’s training and knowledge on our side, it keeps our business pushing for Excellence for ourselves and our customers!

Thanks Sandy!

Tim Vick

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Sandra on location at a drycleaning plant
Sandra with Paul and John White from Roth Cleaners

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