Letter from Mt. Hood Cleaners, Oregon

At Mt. Hood Cleaners we are very blessed to be a strong and viable company. There is the age old adage of: If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. Well, we at Mt. Hood say if it isn’t broke how we can improve it.

With our valued consultants we feel we will continue to grow as a company. One such consultant is Sandra Haralson. We have her come in twice a year to revitalize our Dry Cleaning department.

She is a walking encyclopedia on the dry cleaning industry. She helps us with our equipment to be sure it is being utilized to its full potential. She inspects everything from top to bottom and lets us know what is working and what needs fixed. She guides us in the area of OSHA / DEQ and what the requirements are on our machines, what forms, procedures that need attention etc.. What programs work best on what loads.

She is also an excellent trainer for any position from spotting to pressing to wet cleaning. She knows so much and what she doesn’t; she will find out and help us learn.

Sandra is also one of the very best consultants that offer help and support with any question or problem that comes along at any time of day or night she is just a phone call away. (We have her on our speed dial “)

Sandra has learned everything the hard way so she understands our staffs’ frustrations when they are struggling with something. She is very patient and great to have as a part of Mt. Hood family of consultants.

Contact Sandra today and find out how she can help your operation.
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Sandra on location at a drycleaning plant

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