Baryames Cleaners, Lansing, Michigan

If you are serious about improving your operation, then consider yourself fortunate if you can book Sandra to pay you a visit. My company has been blessed over the past 15 years by her knowledge, integrity and ability to work with people. She is at expert level in so many areas including cleaning, spotting, pressing, workflows, layouts, equipment purchases and maintenance. My test for a consultant is, do they make my company better? Do they help my people succeed? Are they honest and trustworthy? Do they work hard? With Sandra, the answer is always yes every time she pays a visit or I talk to her on the phone. If you think your dry cleaning business could get better, then I would strongly encourage you to pick up the phone and call Sandra. Should you need a little nudging, please don’t hesitate to call me at 517-484-8900 ext. 205.

Art Baryames, Owner


Classic Cleaners, Indianapolis

Sandra Haralson has worked with Classic Cleaners for the past 3 years, consulting on production flow, mechanical issues and the needs of our employees. In that time, Sandra has been enjoyable and thoroughly informative to work with. She has helped numerous employees gain an understanding of their responsibilities and tasks they need to perform. Working with Sandra, I have found her honest and straightforward in her approach to problems, or issues, in our production facility. She is punctual and timely with her meetings, and was prepared to handle the day’s objectives. She helped the owners understand the complexities of the work environment; and the relationships of mechanical, the employees and the managers. She will certainly be an asset to any organization with which she associates, and consults, with. I would recommend her without reservations.

Steve Arnold, General Manager/Partner

Classic Drycleaners & Laundromats

I made the decision to hire Sandra in late 2016 as we were beginning to move forward with a million-dollar plant renovation. We had visited Baryames Cleaners in Michigan and were so impressed with how smooth their operation flowed. Sandra came highly recommended by Art Baryames. 

What is unique about Sandra is that she started as a plant employee, like many of our own managers have. That gives her an instant connection with the managers as well as the plant employees she is advising. She truly understands the ins and outs of a drycleaning & laundry production plant.  She can speak to employees with a level of understanding that goes a long way. This helps her work side by side with our management team more effectively.  Sandra has become part of the Classic team and we look forward to each visit!  I highly recommend hiring Sandra if you are looking to improve quality, reduce labor hours, add new equipment, create smooth work flow, and strengthen the way your management team works with their staff. 

Paula Kostick, Owner & General Manager

Classic Drycleaners & Laundromats

Martinizing Dry Cleaning, Waukesha, WI

Sandra came to us with a much needed hands-on approach.  She is well versed with the equipment and solvents we operate and is able to help us keep it running the way it was meant to be.

She has an “ah shucks” approach that win our employees over.  She is able to get her message across and more importantly our message across when needed.  Conversely, she is able to communicate for the employee when they or their equipment may be overlooked.

Time after time she continues to pay for her trip with knowledge she provides and the solutions we implement.

Brian and David Cass

Martinizing Dry Cleaning, Waukesha, WI

Balfurd Cleaners

Sandra “forces” us to do the things that we know we should be doing but aren’t! She’s great at seeing the big picture and able to make small changes within our plant that creates big results in our overall efficiency and production. We always look forward to her visits.

Bob Fogelsanger

Brass Hanger, Gautier, Miss

Your assistance in creating and maintaining quality in my cleaners is a large part of my success and has allowed me the freedom to focus on the business aspects, not operations. Congratulations!!

Bruce Grimes

Delken Cleaners, Fall River, MA

Sandra quite simply is the best!  We have hired numerous consultants over
the years and none have approached the practical manner in which Sandra
addresses issues.  She is “hands-on”, in-depth and really gets to the root
of a problem.  Almost immediately she can sense the hot spots and more
importantly propose solutions.   If you need someone who has a down-to-earth
style and who your employees will like visiting your operation then Sandra
is your girl!

Thanks Again Sandra and we look forward to you coming back again soon.

Scott Nanfelt

Anton’s Cleaners

Sandra has helped elevate our quality by training our supervisors and managers in the finer details of a quality dry cleaning operation. She has great observations and works well with all employees to get the job done.

Arthur Anton Jr

Vick’s Cleaners, Kinston, N.C.

I met Sandra several years ago at a Clean Show in Orlando.  After going to dinner with several friends and Sandra, I dont think I ever thought about having her come and service our plant.  To be honest, I dont even know if she did consulting work then. 🙂

A year or two later, it was time to get some on site training.  I can’t recall how I heard about Sandra, but we had her come in and do some in-plant training. Sandra helped us out tremendously!  She gave us suggestions on production, wetcleaning, dry cleaning, spotting, pressing, etc… you name it!  We also get points from DLI towards the Award of Excellence with her training. I think that our business, the oldest cleaners in N.C., since 1899, has truly benefited from having Sandra!

Every now and then i can all her up and say “hey” this is what i’ve got.  She always helps coach me through problems i may have.  Occasionaly i can send her a picture through my cell phone of certain things and she helps me with no problem.  No matter what questions i may have shes always available to help Vick’s Cleaners. With having Sandra’s training and knowledge on our side, it keeps our business pushing for Excellence for ourselves and our customers!

Thanks Sandy!

Tim Vick

Letter from Peerless Cleaning & Restoration Services

Dear Sandra,

I am writing to thank you for the invaluable training and consulting you have provided to our company. Thanks to your advice, we have become more efficient and our production staff has much more confidence and skill in handling the fine textiles that our customers have entrusted to us. With your expert tips on the maintenance and care of our equipment, we feel sure that their useful life has been greatly extended. I would also like to thank you for encouraging our staff to call you directly as questions arise between your twice yearly on-site visits. This service has probably saved us a lot of time and money in unnecessary service calls or parts. You are truly helping us provide the world class service our customers have come to expect.


Connie Vahlkamp
Peerless Cleaners, Inc.

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Sandra on location at a drycleaning plant

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