Classic Drycleaners and Laundromat

I was referred to Sandra by various respected industry professionals.  As our company moved forward with a very large (and very expensive) renovation project (which included new equipment and systems), we knew we needed help with training and overall workflow in order to maximize our investment and increase efficiency.

After a full year of working with Sandra, we are still in awe of her knowledge and insight.  Sandra has played a key role in all aspects of our training – sorting and cleaning garments, finishing and assembly, and proper equipment use and maintenance.  Her ability to relate to our staff makes it easier for them to ask questions and learn – they even look forward to her visits!

Sandra helped us create the perfect workflow at our plant, which generated a 69% reduction in our drycleaning labor (with staffing volume and remaining consistent).  With her guidance and expertise, Sandra helped myself, my management team, and my staff develop positive work habits, as well as achieve individual and team goals.

As someone who is considered new to the industry, I have learned so much from Sandra and value her experience, honesty, and commitment to us.  I look forward to working with her as I continue to grow as a hands-on owner and implement new goals for myself and our staff.

John Gribble, Owner, Classic Drycleaners and Laundromats

Balfurd Cleaners

Sandra “forces” us to do the things that we know we should be doing but aren’t! She’s great at seeing the big picture and able to make small changes within our plant that creates big results in our overall efficiency and production. We always look forward to her visits.

Bob Fogelsanger

Brass Hanger, Gautier, Miss

Your assistance in creating and maintaining quality in my cleaners is a large part of my success and has allowed me the freedom to focus on the business aspects, not operations. Congratulations!!

Bruce Grimes

Colvin Cleaners, Buffalo, NY

Sandra can relate to our team in a very effective way. She understands the science of Drycleaning and can relate it to our team very well. Sandra also is very well versed in the operations of our machinery and also understands when there is a mechanical problem and not an operators problem. I’m sure any one that hires Sandra will be happy with there results.

Paul Billoni Owner Colvin Cleaners Buffalo NY

Delken Cleaners, Fall River, MA

Sandra quite simply is the best!  We have hired numerous consultants over
the years and none have approached the practical manner in which Sandra
addresses issues.  She is “hands-on”, in-depth and really gets to the root
of a problem.  Almost immediately she can sense the hot spots and more
importantly propose solutions.   If you need someone who has a down-to-earth
style and who your employees will like visiting your operation then Sandra
is your girl!

Thanks Again Sandra and we look forward to you coming back again soon.

Scott Nanfelt

Anton’s Cleaners

Sandra has helped elevate our quality by training our supervisors and managers in the finer details of a quality dry cleaning operation. She has great observations and works well with all employees to get the job done.

Arthur Anton Jr

Vick’s Cleaners, Kinston, N.C.

I met sandra several years ago at a Clean Show in Orlando.  After going to dinner with several friends and Sandra, i dont think i ever thought about having her come and service our plant.  To be honest, i dont even know if she did consulting work then. 🙂

A year or two later, it was time to get some on site training.  I cant recall how i heard about Sandra, but we had her come in and do some in-plant training. Sandra helped us out tremendously!  She gave us suggestions on production, wetcleaning, dry cleaning, spotting, pressing, etc.. you name it!  We also get points from DLI towards the Award of Excellence with her training. I think that our business, the oldest cleaners in N.C., since 1899, has truly benefited from having Sandra!

Every now and then i can all her up and say “hey” this is what i’ve got.  She always helps coach me through problems i may have.  Occasionaly i can send her a picture through my cell phone of certain things and she helps me with no problem.  No matter what questions i may have shes always available to help Vick’s Cleaners.  With having Sandra’s training and knowledge on our side, it keeps our business pushing for Excellence for ourselves and our customers!

Thanks Sandy!

Tim Vick

Letter from Fashion Cleaners, Omaha

Sandra has been an invaluable asset to our company. When I transitioned from customer service manager to production manager she helped me every step of the way. She gave me a detailed hands-on course in stain removal, basic maintenance, wet cleaning, dry cleaning machine operation, and also helped me address some of our finishing concerns. Sandra’s ability to simplify the process and have everyone understand, even the most technical point, has been a key to our continued success.

I have become a more valuable asset to Fashion Cleaners because of the knowledge Sandra has given me, whether it has been during a consultation or a five minute phone call. The fact that you can pick up the phone or send her an email with your major “crisis” of the day, and she gets back to you right away, speaks volumes about her professional integrity. I highly recommend Sandra to everyone I come in contact whether it is at a MFM meeting or a clean show event. She can always help you come to a resolution while challenging your ability at the same time. Only great teachers can inspire an individual to improve their skill and ability and I feel Sandra definitely fits that mold.


Gina DiCenzo

Dry Cleaning Production Manager
Fashion Cleaners

The Cleaning Co, TX

What you are able to teach people in our dry-cleaning plants is not only making our drycleaners more profitable, but improving the quality of lives in our employees by educating them to do a more valuable job within our industry.

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Peerless Cleaning & Restoration, SC

Thanks to your advice, we have become more efficient and our production staff has much more confidence and skill in handling the fine textiles that our customers have entrusted to us. …You are truly helping us provide the world class service that our customers have come to expect.

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Sandra on location at a drycleaning plant

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